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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cancellation and refund policies?

In case of cancellation on your behalf, the first payment (50% of the charter price) is not refundable. Depending on whether we are able to re-sell your catamaran for the same booking period you may be refunded all or part of the second payment after we subtract all additional cost suffered due to your cancellation. The re-selling of the charter is not guaranteed.

What is the security deposit for?

The security deposit of €2,500 is used to pay for any damage or losses inflicted on the vessel during your charter excluding those arising from normal wear or tear. The deposit is paid to the charter company before the start of your charter and is refunded after inspection of the boat upon your return.

Are all charters Saturday to Saturday

All charters we offer start Saturday at 12:00 local time and end the following Friday up to 20:00 (8pm). As a courtesy, if you wish to stay a bit longer, you may spend Friday night on the boat at the harbor but must depart the boat before 09:00 in the morning.

Is the cleaning fee included in the cost?

YES, the cleaning fee is included in the cost and is used for cleaning the boat after your charter and for the washing of your dishes, sheets, and towels.

What clothing should we bring?

Bring along light clothing, hats, trousers or leggings for the evening as it may cool down quite a bit.

Is there a washing machine onboard?

Yes, a washing machine is available for you to use as needed.

Is there a dishwasher onboard?

No, all dishes must be hand-washed.

Do you have life vests available for use?

Yes, we have vests aboard for everyone. If you are bringing children with you, please be sure to let us know how many to be able to accommodate them with the right size vest.

What are your smoking and drinking policies?

Smoking is not allowed. You may bring alcohol on board but please drink responsibly.

About us

Our focus is for you to have the ultimate experience, in the beautiful Ionian Sea. A relaxing holiday that allows you to relax and enjoy the peace and calm waters of the seas around Pilos. We will be there for you during your vacations and any problem that may occur we will be more than happy to help you.

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