Kythira will exalt
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The island’s architecture is strongly influenced by the Venetians, who had ruled the island during the Medieval age. On a hill above Chora, there’s a Medieval Castle, a vestige of the Venetian era, which boasts an incredible view of the Aegean Sea. It is the best spot for sunset gazing!


Kythira Greece is a beautiful island located in the southern part of Peloponnese. Kythira (or Kythera) stands out for its Medieval architecture, secluded beaches, and wonderful natural setting.

The most touristy places in Kythira are Avlemonas, Agia Pelagia, Chora Kythira, and Kapsali. Nevertheless, if you fancy some more secluded places to explore, a drive around the island will bring you to cliff-top villages, abandoned places, hidden beaches, and monasteries. You’re going to discover many surprises!

One of the most iconic sites in Kythira is the Venetian Castle above Chora Kythira, the island’s capital. This castle boasts a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the southern coasts of Peloponnese, so it makes a great spot to watch the sun going down.

Apart from the Medieval Castle, don’t miss to visit the monasteries of Agia Moni, Agia Elesa, and Myrtidiotissa, as well as the church inside the cave of Agia Sofia. They will steal your breath with their beauty! Another experience you need to have during your stay in Kythera is a stroll around the ghost village of Paleochora, followed by a plunge at the beach of Lagada below.


– Chora’s castle dominates the town. Its construction has begun during the late Byzantine Period, and it was completed when the Venetians took over the island. It has served as the seat of the Venetian Governor on Kythira. In the interior, you will see byzantine churches and other buildings still standing, as well as the residence of the Venetian Governor and, later on, of the British Commissioner. Today, it houses the Kythira Historical Archives with plenty of records dating back to the Venetian occupation.

– The Castle on Kato Chora Mylopotamou. Inside it, you will see the main neighbourhood with many houses which remain in good condition, as well as remarkable byzantine and late-byzantine churches with amazing mural paintings and icons. At the Fort’s entrance, you will see the coat of arms depicting the Lion of St. Mark – the emblem of the Republic of Venice.

– The Avlemona Castle was built at the natural harbour’s mouth by the Venetians in order to protect it from raids.
Those of you interested in visiting caves will enjoy touring the cave of Agia Sofia Mylopotamou: it is 100 m. long, covering an area of 2000 square metres, and there are chambers with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. At the cave entrance you will enter the small chapel of Agia Sofia: the religious paintings on the icon screen date back to the 18th c. The 13th c. murals are signed by Theodoros, a Byzantine painter. You can also visit Chousti Cave in Diakofti.

– Milapidea School
This building used to be a typical educational establishment constructed by the British when the island was under their rule. It is located on high ground, between Fatsadika and Livadi villages.

– The windmills and watermills on the island
The 19th c. windmills on the island were stone-built and they were essential to the local agricultural activities. You will see them standing – either in singles or in twos – on the outskirts of villages, in locations easily accessible from cultivated plots of land. During the 20th c., wheat grinding in windmills was gradually abandoned and by 1955 all windmills on the island were closed down. You can also see the 23 watermills still standing, but only three of them remain in a fairly good condition. Most of them are located in the valley near Mylopotamos village.

– The ancient harbour of Skandeia
Visit the archaeological site and the ancient tombs.

– Katouni Bridge
It was built in 1826, under British rule. It is 110 m. long, 6m. wide and the maximum height is 15 m. It is supported by 13 arches and 12 cylindrical openings arranged in perfect symmetry.

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